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Low Cost Design Ideas – Not All Designs are Expensive: 5 Cost Saving Tips to Design a Retail Outlet

Image source:  Having your retail space designed is not always as expensive as you think. A good designer knows where to minimize cost and plan accordingly within your budget to not only help you save money, but to also ensure that you can maximize your space to generate revenue. Here are 5 tips to […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Offering Delivery Services May Harm Your Restaurant.

(Picture source:   Modern society places a lot of emphasis on convenience, leading to the recent influx of delivery services being offered in the market and restaurant worry that their business might soon get overthrown. It is only natural for most restaurant owners to want a share in the market as well to ensure […]

3 Steps to Use Design to Boost Your Retail Business

Image Source: unsplash   Many people have a misconception that design is purely for aesthetic, an added cost to the business that does not benefit them much other than visual appearance. Design is actually much more than that. A well thought out design comprises of analyzing human behavior, psychology, market trends, and strategic planning to […]

5 Tips to Creating an Effective Loyalty Program

(Source:   We have all been guilty of falling prey to the array of loyalty programs available out there in the market. But what exactly are loyalty programs for? Are they really beneficial? Loyalty programs are basically a reward system to track customer’s preference and keep them coming back. Often times customer’s information are […]

5 Steps to Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business (Part 5)

(image via freeimages)   In part 5 of our post, we talk about the 5th Step in Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business. If you missed out on the previous articles & videos you can find them here:   The 5th Step is about Branding your retail business. No business can survive without a brand. Branding is essentially about understanding […]

5 Steps to Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business (Part 3)

(image via Morguefile)   In part 3 of our post, we talk about the 3rd Step in Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business. If you missed out Step 2, click here and Step 1 is here. The 3rd Step is all about setting aside the right Budget to ensure that your retail vision is fully executed.   The 3 […]

5 Steps to Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business (Part 1)

(image via istock)   I was asked to share this topic at a franchise event last week and thought  it would make a great post this week. How do you build a successful & profitable retail business?   I believe it starts with understanding who your customers are and where are they hiding? These are […]

How to create an UBER within your industry

(image via   Have you ever wondered how Uber and other car sharing apps came to dominate the transportation industry? One simple word, “Value”. The old taxi services were just charging too much for their services and providing too little value. People got tired of them (i.e. taxis) charging too much and being rude to their […]

The 3 fundamentals you need for a successful retail business

(image via As we are now in the midst of Chinese New Year and a time for celebration, I thought it would be a good time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. What determines the success of a retail business? I believe it fundamentally boils down to 3 things which I call […]

Customer Service is DEAD!

(image via shutterstock) Was extremely disappointed with the service received from a certain runner service in Kuala Lumpur today! Did not get my package picked up and was not even informed that the packaged was not picked up. Had to do a lot of digging to get the customer service number and then was only told […]