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Pop Up Stores As The Future Of Retail

If you take a walk around most malls today, chances are you may come across a fair bit of empty lots which have not been rented out. Rather than looking at these as a reflection of the state of things, we look at these empty lots as opportunities for mall owners to tap upon a […]

3 Things Which You Could Be Doing Wrong And It Is Causing Your Restaurant To Fail – Part 1

We all know that running a restaurant business is hard. In fact, a study shows that failure rates of restaurants to be about 60% in the first 3 years of their business. That means more than half of all restaurants that open in year 1 will be shut by year 3 of their operations. Why is that? In […]

3 Quickest Methods To Kill Your Retail Sales

Recently I got contacted by a someone over Linked-in indicating that they wanted to get connected with me. Less than 10 minutes after I approved the connection, they sent me a message introducing their business. I politely indicated that I was not interested and proceeded to delete the message and remove my connection to this person. Then it got […]

4 Small Steps That Creates Big Impacts In Customer Service

(Image source: Great customer service is hard to come by, and many retailers strive to be great by thinking up big solutions to revolutionize their customer service. But because everyone is looking at the big picture, small details are often overlooked as they just do not seem that important to create a big enough […]

3 Tips to Offer Discounts Without Harming Your Retail Business

(Image source:   Discounts can be a double edged sword. On one hand, it allows you to clear your goods and spike sales, on the other, it may end up harming your business reputation (click here to read more on our article on 3 Reasons Why Discounts May be Harming Your Business). But in […]

2 Top Reasons Why Getting Your Retail Business Strategy Right is Important

(Image source: Every business needs a strategy. It is the fundamentals to guide you to achieve greater heights and ensure that your business is on the right track. But is it really that important? Here we look at a couple of key factors why we say it is. (Image source: 1.      […]

3 Reasons Why Discounts May be Harming Your Business

(Image source:   Almost anyone would love a good discount. You pay less money for the goods you want, what’s not to love? And because it is such a good way to attract customers, retailers would often offer it at some point in their business to give themselves a boost. But what happens when […]

Understanding Big Data and How is it Beneficial for Your Retail Business

(Image source:   Big data may be a term that we hear every now and then. But how many actually understand what it is and how is it beneficial to your business?   What is Big Data? According to Google, big data is essentially an ‘extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally […]

3 Things You Should Know When Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are an interesting bunch. They practically grew up surrounded by technology and are some of the most technologically savvy group right now. Trying to market to millennials using traditional methods are no longer effective as they now seek different type of engagement with the products or services that they choose. Here are some of […]

4 Ways to Market Your Retail Business

(Image source:   Marketing your retail business is crucial to get the word out to customers, as what use is a good product if customers are not aware of it? While ads and flyers are some of the staple methods, there are many other ways that can provide you with good exposure, drawing your […]