How to create an UBER within your industry

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Have you ever wondered how Uber and other car sharing apps came to dominate the transportation industry? One simple word, “Value”. The old taxi services were just charging too much for their services and providing too little value. People got tired of them (i.e. taxis) charging too much and being rude to their customers, having dirty interiors and terrible driving. Hence, someone decided to do something about it. You see, it takes very little for someone to question the system and decide to do something about it. So let me ask you this question; in your own retail businesses, are you  overcharging and not providing enough value? Cause if you are; someone is surely going to get fed up, question the system and create an app or a service which provides infinitely more value to your customer than you are. Point in case? The slow but certainty of consumers migrating from shopping in store to shopping online.  

So I guess we should all ask ourselves, are we providing enough value to our customers? Could we be doing more? How can we introduce the next Uber into our industry?  


At Visata Creative, we work together with our clients to Design Profitable Spaces. We work strategically as partners to our clients to ensure that they are equipped with the with the necessary insights and guidance for their businesses based on our years of experience in the retail industry through our interior design, graphic design & strategic marketing services.  

To us, bigger space is not always better, what matters most in retail is the profitability of the space. We believe in winning the award that really matters in our industry – Helping our clients achieve the highest profitability possible within their retail business. 

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