5 Steps to Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business (Part 1)

(image via istock)  

I was asked to share this topic at a franchise event last week and thought  it would make a great post this week. How do you build a successful & profitable retail business?  

I believe it starts with understanding who your customers are and where are they hiding? These are the few details to look into.

  1. Are they time pressed which would mean constantly rushing from place to place or are they looking for healthier food choices (i.e. lifestyle) ?
  2. What are their expectations on value?
  3. Are they willing or able to pay for your product or service (i.e. demand)?
  4. Where do they work, live and play (i.e. location)?

These are some of the very important facts and information which are needed before you begin planning the different aspects of your retail business. In my next post I will share Step 2 of the 5 Steps to Building a Profitable and Successful Retail Business.  


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To us, bigger space is not always better, what matters most in retail is the profitability of the space. We believe in winning the award that really matters in our industry – Helping our clients achieve the highest profitability possible within their retail business.

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