Low Cost Design Ideas – Not All Designs are Expensive: 5 Cost Saving Tips to Design a Retail Outlet

Image source: unsplash.com 

Having your retail space designed is not always as expensive as you think. A good designer knows where to minimize cost and plan accordingly within your budget to not only help you save money, but to also ensure that you can maximize your space to generate revenue. Here are 5 tips to help you design your retail space whilst keeping cost low:  

  1. Having a Focal Feature There is no need to splurge on every single item in your store. Choose one feature in your outlet that you would want to highlight, be it your center display or perhaps a featured wall and invest on it, keeping the rest of the outlet simple. It is a great way to attract people’s attention as a special feature would give an edge to the space and make it more interesting. This method is even used by many high end retailers to make their outlet stand out!
  2. Multipurpose Features Have features that are able to serve multiple purposes. For instance, opt for an open shelf display to display your products as it can double up as a partition to section out your outlet whilst still providing the visibility you need in your space. Another multipurpose option that you can consider is to use your own products to serve as visual merchandising items. For instance, restaurants can use their own bottles and kitchenware as visual displays, being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This way, you will not need to come out with additional cost to purchase multiple items just to cater for a single purpose.
  3. Using Conventional Object Unconventionally It is not a must to have a customized display unit for your products. With a little bit of creativity, you can repurpose regular objects to create a unique, one of a kind display. To name a few examples, displaying clothes can be done by hanging a simple rope from the ceiling to hang your clothes on rather than having a conventional rack, or if you want to display jewelries, utilizing an old picture frame with wire mesh is an excellent choice. The options for this method are endless, allowing you to utilize cheaper, easily available items for your store, at the same time giving your store a fresh outlook as opposed to other competitors out there using conventional display units.
  4. Source for Alternative Materials These days, there are so many materials in the market with different price points for consumers to choose from, giving you lots of options to achieve the look you desire whilst still keeping within budget. There are laminates that gives out wood, concrete, fabric and even metal textures, tiles that has marble, concrete, terracotta finishes and even paint that gives your walls texture. There is no need to opt for original material nowadays that can be rather costly. Take your time to source for alternative materials as there are countless options out there to cater to your needs.
  5. Think Vertically Rather Than Horizontally With all the cost saving methods being said, utilizing your space effectively would be one of the best ways to save cost! Start thinking how to design your store vertically, rather than just horizontally. For example, having cabinet space that serves as storage on the top and bottom of your shelves where it is generally out of reach for customers, or having top hung shelves to display your products rather than having everything on the ground. If you plan your space properly, you may actually be able to opt for a smaller space which would help you save on rental and resources as well.

A store design reflects a brand image, so it is essential to ensure that it looks presentable to your customers. Do not be afraid to apply design in your store as there are many ideas for design that does not have to be expensive. With proper planning and execution, a simple design can be made to look exclusive and boost your store’s appearance, drawing attention and bringing in more customers to your store.  


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