Customer Service is DEAD!

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Was extremely disappointed with the service received from a certain runner service in Kuala Lumpur today! Did not get my package picked up and was not even informed that the packaged was not picked up. Had to do a lot of digging to get the customer service number and then was only told that my package would not be picked up today. That’s service for you!
Long story short, sent a message to their facebook page and was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from their co-founder who apologised on the service which I received. I was glad for that but here is the thing, his apology did not solve my problem nor was there any positive experience left for me. There’s a lesson here, let me explain.
In today’s market place, one mistake is all it takes to loose a customer and brands do not have a lot of chance to make mistakes because unless you are a monopoly there is always a competitor waiting to get the customer you failed to service.
So what is the solution? Here is what I have for them. They could have said this to me, “we cannot begin to apologise for the experience you have had with our service but let us make this right for you, let us offer you 5 deliveries FREE of charge to you on your next delivery.” 
I may say no to this offer, but at least you did something to try to make good out a bad situation by at least leaving the upset customer (i.e. me) with some form of positive experience. But instead, the co-founder just apologised and mentioned that he hoped I will give his business a chance in the near future again. My question to him is this? Why would I, NOW I have the chance to try out your competitor and if I receive even an acceptable level service from them, why would I go back to you? 
In my mind, the point of the call was not to see how he could fix my problem but more of how he could fix his internal system. In business, your customer does not give a DAMN about you, all they really care about is what is in it for them!
The point is this, it was difficult enough today to get a customer in the first place, so why not do your utmost keep them or at least create a fighting chance for yourself? Its not about how or why you screwed up, its about how you can make it right!
Find a way to turn the situation around. Delight the customer! Go out of your way to make the customer happy again and I am sure you can turn them around eventually! This is not ROCKET SCIENCE!
What a wasted opportunity for this brand. I only hope that you can read this post and takeaway one thing, Customers are important! Do you best to keep them happy!!!
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