4 Small Steps That Creates Big Impacts In Customer Service

(Image source: pixabay.com)

Great customer service is hard to come by, and many retailers strive to be great by thinking up big solutions to revolutionize their customer service. But because everyone is looking at the big picture, small details are often overlooked as they just do not seem that important to create a big enough impact. But in fact, when it comes to customer service, it is the little things that count, and to be able to notice what most people take for granted is what makes your service great.

1.Offer greetings and small talk
A simple ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ can instantly improve your customer’s satisfaction. Customers feel more welcomed when they know that their presence is noticed. Besides, offering small talk like asking customers how their day is or offering a simple compliment for their outfit connects customers with your store emotionally and will boost their happiness as they feel that the store actually cares and is making an effort to engage with them, and what better way to leave a good impression than engaging with customers personally.

2.Situational awareness
Paving the way to quality customer service has to start from within. Train your employees to notice little detail around your store and encourage them to perform minor task outside of their role. If a customer looks lost, offer them help. If they see a table is left dirty, clean it. If a customer is holding too many items, offer them a basket. Noticing all these small details keeps a positive and conducive environment around your store and elevates a welcoming sense for your customers.

3.Responding to customer enquiries
Simply responding to customers in a timely manner allows customers to feel confident in your products or services. They know that you are reliable and if something were to go wrong you will be easily reachable without them having to go through more hassle to resolve their issue. No customer likes to be left ignored and by responding to their enquiries shows that you care and are putting in an effort to make their life easier.

4.Always provide customers with a solution

The last thing customers want to hear is that ‘there is nothing you can do’ or ‘it is not within your policy’. If you cannot offer them an exact solution for their matter, provide them with alternative and choices. Let customers know that you have their best interest in mind and you will try your best to resolve their issue. More often than not, customers will be happy to settle for an alternative if a direct solution cannot be achieved. Bottom line is, always try to offer some form of solution and not leave customers hanging.Great customer service does not always mean having to go above and beyond for them. Sometimes it is the simple things that matters. These steps are so simple that almost anyone can implement with no or minimal cost. Start identifying these little details and start making changes in you retail business to see a difference!

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