Retail Store Window Display (Part 1) – Top 4 Reasons to Have One

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Window displays, to have or not to have? Some retailers may look at it as an additional feature that requires extra investment and serves little purpose, as having a designated window display area takes up valuable selling space and requires constant updates. However, in our humble opinion, window display does a great deal for your store, and we often advise retailers to implement one if possible, for good reasons.
Store advertisement
Much like TV, radio or online advertising, window displays also serves to promote and sell your products to your customers. It highlights your key products and showcases your brand. The unique thing about window displays is that it promotes products to your immediate customers and has the ability to draw customers into your store instantly without the buffer of having to head out to your store. And because the ‘advertisement’ is still fresh in their minds, it will have a higher chance to spark impulsive purchases from them.
Represent your store
A window display is the first thing customer comes in contact with when approaching your store. It dresses up your store front and make for a visually appealing appearance. As most people are visual creatures, having a visual feature for your store catches their attention the quickest. It offers a quick summary of your store’s offerings and is especially great if your store features a lot of seasonal items as it informs customers when new seasons are in and gives them a preview of the products.
Continuous promotion
As also mentioned in one of our previous articles (read more on our article about Ideas to Increase Store Appeal & Drive Sales in 4 Areas of your Store), a window display is great to promote stores even after closing hours. When shutters are down and lights are off, your window display is the part of your store that is still visible from the outside, providing you with continuous promotion throughout the day.
Attracting the right target market
An effective window display is able to act as a filter to attract the right target market. As it gives a preview of the store, customers can make a decision if what your store offers is right for them before entering, increasing the chance of your sales staff servicing potential customers rather than spending their time and energy servicing non-potential ones.
Window displays are like teaser trailers to your stores, they give customers a glimpse of what your store offers to spark their interest without entirely selling your store. Having a window display might prove to be more effective than stores without it, which at the end of the day, drives more customers into the store and generates higher sales for your business.
Stay tuned next week for part 2 of our article on 4 Steps to Create an Engaging Window Display.
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