Its all in your #Concept

Too many times, people tell me that success in retail depends on factors such as location, product pricing, target market, etc. I do believe that all these factors are very important but to me success in retail comes down to 1 word, Concept.

Simply put the Concept encompasses the Environment which you are trying to create in your space. It also takes into account the Experience which want to give to your customers who walk through your doors. The Concept is what engages the customers to take notice of your brand.

So my advice; before you decide where to open up your next retail store, invest some time in looking at your Concept. Once you get that right, you have the right foundations in building your retail empire to flourish.  


At Visata Creative, we work together with our clients to Design Profitable Spaces. We work strategically as partners to our clients to ensure that they are equipped with the with the necessary insights and guidance for their businesses based on our years of experience in the retail industry through our interior design, graphic design & strategic marketing services.

To us, bigger space is not always better, what matters most in retail is the profitability of the space. We believe in winning the award that really matters in our industry – Helping our clients achieve the highest profitability possible within their retail business.

View our case studies to see how we have helped our clients achieve their goals and helped improve their businesses.

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